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Tools Every Truck Driver Needs in The Road


As a professional Over The Road (OTR) truck driver, you will need tools. Some you will need on day one as they are essential to your everyday needs. Others you can accumulate over your first month or two as truck maintenance is sometimes necessary. Local drivers really don’t need much but the top 5 listed. So let’s discuss the tools every truck driver needs.

Tools Needed On Your First Day

This part is easy. The basic tools that every truck driver needs are as follows.

Tire Gauge

Tire gauge


A durable flashlight that is bright.



A Padlock for your trailer


Safety Vest

Work gloves for fueling: Fueling your truck with diesel is not like putting gas in your car. It is messy and stinks. There will always be a small amount of fuel that leaks out of the nozzle on your fuel tank and cap. Sometimes there is fuel on the handle itself.

Those items you need right away, preferably on day 1. You can get them mailed directly to your home via Amazon, click here.

These tools listed below you definitely need but not right away. Get them slowly over your first month or two.

A screwdriver set with Phillips and flathead tips. I would recommend a small set with one screwdriver that has multiple-sized bits that you can change out. Those come in several sizes so you can use them on different size screws. If you have the cash I would also recommend a basic ratchet set, they come in handy too as sometimes you will have bolts instead of screws.

Duct tape


There will always be rusty or hard-to-turn bolts, hard to open doors, and like. Having WD-40 is a good idea and will save you from the frustration of needing incredible hulk strength to do some jobs.

Some type of organizer for the inside of your truck: You will be surprised at how many things you keep in your truck that you use every day. Like pens, whiteout, ruler, meds like Tylenol or aspirin, and other things.

Rags for checking engine fluids like oil and such 

A funnel for adding oil

Trucker map book: Sometimes your GPS won’t give you the best route or it may malfunction or break and you will need to plan your trip.

A hammer: You can use it for obvious things but also as a tire thumper. A tire thumper is something you use to hit your tires to make sure they’re not flat, usually when you fuel. That way you don’t have to use your tire gauge as much. If the tire makes a thud when you hit it then it needs air. Then you use your gauge to see what pressure you have.

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