About Wil

Hi, I’m Wil and I’m The Trucker Nomad 360. I’ve been driving CDL since 2005. I’ve driven box trucks, class B straight trucks, and of course tractor trailers. I’ve driven to all 48 lower states in all types of weather. Torrential rains, high winds, heavy sleet, lots of snow and a ton of horrible construction nightmares. And now I am an owner operator with a 2020 Freightliner Casciadia as pictured above.

A friend told me that I should start my own website because of my driving experience, my love of trucking, and all the situations I’ve been in and the stories I can tell. So here we go. I will try to give some good tips for newer drivers out there. I will tell you all about some of my experiences and things I’ve seen. And I will share photos and videos of some of the beautiful places I get to see while driving. I hope this site is informative and entertaining to you.

So get in, buckle up, and enjoy the content. Stay safe out there!

About Trucker Nomad360

“Trucker Nomad 360” is a website dedicated to those who love to get knowledge to repair their 18 wheels truck with tools and spare parts. I have created an ad-free website full of high-quality content that mainly includes tools and spare parts.

Authenticity is very important to us and I can proudly claim that my site is free of outside influences. I do not receive any remuneration from manufacturers for my reviews but rather gain our revenue from affiliate links. My website has been growing consistently but I remain small at heart.

I appreciate your readership and hope you enjoy my website. I look forward to hearing from you and take your feedback seriously. So please  send me an email at TruckerNomad360@gmail.com or contact me here